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Yips At Impact


The clubhead moves unexpectedly just before impact.


Change the way you think about making your stroke or swing if it is happening with other clubs. What is your normal swing thought? Focus more on your aim if you usually focus mostly on timing or swing length. Many people get excited at the last seconds of impact and turn the clubface at impact because they perceive the swing is finished; which makes the follow through even more important.


It is important to stay down during the entire stroke. When you are putting, it is common for a player to think that the stroke is over once you contact the ball. Golfers will anticipate the swing ending as they contact the ball and unintentionally turn the clubface during impact. Regardless of how close you are to the cup, do not plan on completing your swing or even looking to see where the ball rolls until the putter passes 6 inches past the ball.

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