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Zigzag on Fairways


You hit the ball into a lot of hazards.


Do not focus on hitting the center of the fairway. Instead, look where the hazards are and aim further away from it. If you aim for the center, you risk coming too close to the hazard and the ball might roll in due to the way the course was designed.


Take note of where all of the hazards are and find a location that is the as far away from the hazard as possible while still being playable. Instead of hitting a straight line down the fairway, make a zigzag pattern around the hazards. This will make the fairway seem longer but you will find that you are saving strokes by doing this. The course might be designed to slope down a little towards the bunkers. If landing the ball near a bunker is unavoidable then plan on coming up short instead of trying to land near it or risk not being able to hit over it. You might find it better over all if you plan on landing the ball in the light rough to help avoid the hazard or losing distance.

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