Category: Adverse Weather

Skip It Low

It is a little windy out and you are in between chipping and pitching yardages.

Tap the Wet Grass

You are playing earlier than you are used to and find that are putting poorly.

Scheduled Practice

You play miserably on wet or windy days.

Use the Wind

The wind is coming from left to right and your pin is on the right side of the green.

Windy Greens

You are playing on a course in the wind and are unsure if it will change the way the ball will roll on the green.

Cold and Wet

It is cold and raining out.

Knockdown Shot

It is really windy out on the course.

Shot Into the Wind

You need to hit into the wind.

Stay Warm

You are playing in the cold weather and notice you cannot hit as far as you usually do.

Work the Wind

You have a hard time playing in the wind.