Category: Adverse Weather

Wind on the Green

It is windy on the green but not windy where you are standing.

Low Trajectory Hardpan

The ball landed in the short grass but the ground is incredibly hard. Because it is windy or you have plenty of green to work with, or you just want more control, you have decided to keep the ball low.

Eight Iron Run

It is windy, so you want to keep the ball low and your ball is sitting near the green.

Windy Green Shot

The wind is blowing towards you and you are hitting over 150 yards away on a small green.

Windy Putts

It is very windy while you are on the putting green.


You are playing on a windy day and cannot decide what club to use.

Controlled Fade

You want to hit a power fade to help the ball around a dogleg or for playing in crosswinds.

Umbrella Drill

Due to poor weather conditions, you cannot practice outside.

Cold Between

You are playing in cold weather and cannot decide between using two clubs.

Wind Adjustments

You are playing in strong wind and want to adjust your swing to limit any unwanted spin.