Category: Adverse Weather

Grass Temperature

You want to know how the temperature changes the blades of grass and speed on the greens.

Stiff Wind

You are playing in strong wind conditions.

Fast Greens

You are playing at a course that has much faster greens than you are used to. Your home course is using less water due to cooler temperatures, which is causing faster greens.

In the Mud

Your ball landed in the mud and you need to learn how to lift it out.

Wet Rough

Your ball landed in the rough and the tall grass is really wet.

Burnt Rough

Your ball landed in very dry or burned out rough and you still have a long distance before reaching the pin.

The Short Iron Punch

The wind is blowing into your face and you are about 100 yards from the pin.

The Flyer Shot

You need accuracy on an elevated tee box or in windy conditions.

The Low Runner

Needing a low and dependable shot with irons during high wind or you need to shoot under an obstacle on the course.

The Windy Downhill Sand Shot

It is windy out and you find your ball on a downhill slope in the sand.