Category: Adverse Weather

Hitting the 3 Wood Stinger

You are on a narrow fairway or it is very windy so you need to keep the ball lower.

How to Punch

There is a crosswind, a headwind, or your ball is stuck in the rough and under a tree or another obstacle, forcing you to take a short and low shot.

Soggy Soil

You cannot hit the club down on the ball because the ground is too wet.

Nip Chip off the Sand

You are playing from wet sand, thirty to forty yards away from the hole from a sand bunker with a flat or low lip.

Playing in Cold Weather

Bulky clothing can hinder your swing. Using cold or freezing golf balls will reduce how far the ball will fly through the air.

How to Play in the Rain

It is raining but you must continue your game. Your hands will be wet and cause the club to turn or slide in your hands.

How to Play in the Wind

Wind picks up your ball for unpredictable ball flight.

Short Tweener Shot

You have only a short distance to reach the hole and are playing in very strong crosswinds. Although a bump and run would keep the ball low, you need a shot with less roll on the green.