Category: Aim

Horseshoe Dogleg

You are playing on a fairway that has such a severe dogleg that it is horseshoe shaped.

Simple Fade Trick

You need to fade the ball off of the tee box but you do not feel comfortable making a lot of adjustments to your swing to achieve it.

Fairway Cut

You want to hit your fairway woods so that the ball has a soft landing on the green.

Beach Ball Golf

You are having a hard time hitting the ball straight.

Two Breaks

As you approach the green, you notice that there are two different breaks in the green between your ball and the flag.

Contact On the Ball

You know the fundamentals behind drawing and fading the ball. Yet you are still having a hard time hitting a draw and a fade.

Over the Ball Drill

You need to improve on your accuracy while putting.

Random Accuracy

Sometimes you read the green great and other times you have great difficulty with it.

Aim Your Eyes

You need to improve on putting accuracy.

Draw and Fade

You know the basics on how to get a fade and a draw but your technique could be improved.