Category: Aim

Ball Placement Control

You know how to fade and draw the ball but you feel you could improve these shots.

Lost Line

You can see your line clearly when you are standing near the cup and pacing next to your line. However, once you set up to the ball, you feel as if you have lost it.

Center of the Box

You need to work your drives a little more.

Putter First

You are having difficulty aiming your putts.

Aim Your Shoulders

You feel you are correctly set up for putting with a square putterface yet your putts are still consistently a rolling left or right of the target.

Aim True

You aim your feet towards the target yet the ball always flies about 30 yards off of your target line.

Set the Face

You are having difficulties aiming while putting.

Hockey Stick

You are having a hard time visualizing the differences of using an open or closed clubface.

Hooked or Sliced Putts

Your putts keep curving or rolling to the left or right of the cup.

Impact Bag

You want to see where your clubface is aimed but cannot stop the swing at impact in time to see it.