Category: Aim

Half Drill

You want to improve on your aim as you practice.

Direction Control

You need to learn how to control the direction of the ball flight.

Stick Drill

You want to learn the trajectory of each club or improve on accuracy and swing path.


You over think your swing and have aiming problems.

Aim Test

You consistently hit straight to the right or left.

Mirror Putting

You need to improve your aim on putts.

Forward Shoulder

You keep aiming or hitting too far right if you are right handed or left if you are left handed.

Use Your Swing

You hook or slice the ball but do not have the time to correct it before playing your next round or tournament.

Curve It

You want to learn how to make the ball curve around obstacles.

Visualize the Ball Flight

You have a hard time visualizing the ball landing at your selected target.