Category: Aim

Stop Flag Hunting

You aim for the flag every time you play. This can be a problem particularly when the pin is close to the edge of the green because the ball is more likely to bounce or roll off into the rough or a hazard.

Target Net

You need to work on your consistency and trajectory with your iron shots.

Draw Your Tee Shot

You need to draw the ball in order for it to land on the fairway. When you draw the ball, it should start to fly towards the right of the target line then curves left.

Plumb Bobbing

You are having difficulty reading the break in the green.

Add Distance and Overspin when Laying Up

You want to draw the ball using your 5-iron and gain additional yardage. This can be achieved by adding overspin to the shot.

The Correct Side of the Tee Box

You know where you want the ball to go on the course but are unsure where to tee up.

High Draw

You need a draw but at the same time you require increased loft.

High Fade

You need a high flying left to right shot that lands softly.

Low Draw

You need a draw but at the same time you want to keep it low for the maximum amount of distance with your tee shot.

Low Fade

You need a fade but at the same time have to keep the ball low. Reducing the underspin on the ball will help keep it low and come in from the left side of the target.