Category: Bunkers

Sandy Rough Shot

The ball landed in the rough but the lie is also very sandy.

Stay Tilted

The ball is setting on packed sand.

Waste Bunkers

You are playing on a new golf course with waste bunkers and do not know what they are.

Bouncing Club

You are having difficulty hitting the ball in the sand bunkers while the sand is wet.

A Sandy Release

You release the club earlier than you should in the sand bunkers.

More or Less Bounce

You are unsure of how much bounce to use in difficult situations.

Partially Submerged Bunker

Part of your ball is buried in a sand trap near the green.

High Lipped Long Bunker

The ball landed in a really long bunker with a high lip.

Plugged Above

The ball is partially plugged in the side of the greenside bunker. You now have to hit the ball while it is above your feet.

Eyes Behind the Ball

You keep hitting the ball in the sand bunker despite the fact you plan on hitting into the sand a couple of inches behind the ball.