Category: Bunkers

Sand Release

You cannot feel your release in firm sand.

Deep Sand Divot

You are digging into the sand too much and leaving very deep sand divots.

Bunker Distance Control

You have a hard time controlling the distance of your bunker shots.

Trapped in a Bunker

You cannot seem to get out of the sandpit.

Buried Treasure

You need to work on your sand shots but you never have any fun in the bunker.

Splash It

You make clean contact with the ball in the sandpit and it flies much further than desired.

Dig In

You have difficulty making contact with the ball in the fairway bunker.

Deep Bunker

How to get out of a bunker when the lip is taller than you are.

Plugged Near the Green

You have a plugged lie in a greenside bunker.

Fast and Low Bunker Shot

You have a 30 yard bunker shot and want to move the ball out quickly and to keep it low.