Category: Bunkers

Hold It Open

Slightly downhill bunker shot.

Restricted Sand Trap

The ball landed in the bunker and you will not be able to make a full follow through.

Fried Egg Punch

The ball landed in the sand bunker and about half of it is visible. You want to see the ball run on the green without much spin.

Sand Confusion

You are confused about how far you are supposed to hit into the sand on a normal bunker shot.

Sand Slap

You need to work on your sand shots.

Escaping Fairway Bunkers

You are having difficulty hitting out of fairway bunkers.

Plugged Sand Shot

You have a plugged or buried lie in a greenside bunker.

Impossible Bunkers

You are playing on a course with very deep or difficult sand bunkers.

Overshooting Bunker Shot

You keep hitting the ball over the green when taking your bunker shots.

Overshooting the Green

The ball landed in a greenside bunker. If you overshoot the green then the ball will end up in water on the other side.