Category: Bunkers

Splash or Dig

You do not know how to deal with the different possible lies in the sandpit.

Skidding Bunker

You skull the bunker shot because the sand is too stiff.

Trailing Attack

You have a hard time getting out of the sand bunkers.

Backwards Shaft Tilt

You are having difficulties with your bunker shots.

Too Straight

You tend to keep your legs too straight in the sand bunker.

Puff of Sand

You want to improve your sand shots.

Using Bounce

You want to work on getting the ball up high with a soft landing on the green.

Stick in the Sand

You want to improve your sand shots.

Aim the Rake

Your sand shots to do not go where you are aiming.

Toe Sand Trick

The ball is buried in the side of the hill in a greenside sand bunker. Luckily, the lip is not hanging over the ball.