Category: Bunkers

Seven Iron Blast

The ball is sitting down the sandpit but you still have quite a distance from the green.

Kick the Back Knee

You need to get the ball up and out of the sandpit.

Bunker Rough Shot

The ball is sitting in the rough near the green and you only want a little roll.

Eight Iron Push

You have a clean shot out of the sand bunker and you have plenty of room to run the ball up to or on the green.

Short Steep Sand

You have to hit the ball up a steep hill, out of the sandpit. To make matters worse, you need to get the ball to land on your side of the pin in order to keep the ball on the green.

One Hand Sand

You hit a lot of sand out of the bunker yet the ball barely moves.

Wings on a Duck

Mentally, you have a hard time thinking of how to make a successful sand shot.

High Lip Bunker Shot

You have a fairway bunker shot that has a high lip.

Splashing the Sand

You understand that you are supposed to hit into the sand for greenside bunker shots, however you keep hitting the ball.

Enough Loft

You do not know how to tell if you have enough loft to make it out of the fairway bunker.