Category: Bunkers

Partially Plugged

Your ball is partially plugged in the sand bunker so that it is less than half buried with little or no crater around it.

Exploding Hook

You have a sand shot and want the ball to roll either up a sloped green or across to the pin on the other side of the it.

Tiered Green

The ball is sitting on top of the sand in a bunker next to a tiered green.

Sand Chip

The ball landed in a greenside bunker and you have plenty of green to work with.

Hand Off Drill

You need to improve your bunker shots.

Clean It Out

You need to work on your ability to hit out of the bunker.

Thin Bunker

You need to hit the ball out of a fairway bunker and you have a long distance before you can make it to the green.

Move Under

You want to work on your sand shots but do not have a bunker available to play out of.

Transfer Through

You have difficulty escaping the sand due to a slower swing speed.

U and V Swings

You have difficulty changing from woods to irons while playing because of the adjustment needed for the club type. You also want to learn how to use these swinging styles when you are stuck in a sand trap.