Category: Bunkers

Sand Weight Shift

You have difficulty swinging in the sand due to a poor weight distribution.

Full Explosion

Your ball landed in a greenside bunker.

Soft Explosion

Your ball landed a short distance from the pin in a sand bunker. You want the ball to fly high out of the sand and stop quickly onto the green.

Contact with the Sand

You normally make a good swing in the sand but you noticed on a new course that the flange does not move into the sand at the correct point, resulting in a flubbed sand shot.

Plugged Lie

Your ball is plugged into the sand so that it is half buried or more.

Fried Egg

The ball landed in the sand bunker in a crater of soft and dry sand, causing it to look like a fried egg.

Sand Pile

Your ball landed on top of a soft pile of sand created by the wind.

Long Versus Short Bunker Shots

You need to learn or improve on how you play from long and short distances from the green when stuck in a sandtrap.

Common Sand Errors

You have difficulty in the sand bunkers but are unable to pinpoint the cause.

Use the Bounce

You consistently have a hard time hitting out of a sand bunker because you do not know how to play the bounce of your sand wedge.