Category: Difficult Lie

Long Side Hill

You need to hit a long iron off of a side hill lie with the ball above your feet.

Downhill Slip

You tend to lose your balance when hitting from a downhill lie.

Uneven Topping

You push or top the ball when the ball is below your feet.

Bad Lie Alternative

The ball landed in a difficult or near impossible location to hit it up onto the green or at least near it.

Fringe Divot

The ball landed in a divot around the green.

The Steep Slope

The ball is sitting on a steep slope with your forward leg lower than your trailing leg and you usually cannot hit from a lie like this.

Think Practice

Once you have determined that you have a bad lie, you are guaranteed to mess up the shot.

No Flip

The ball is above your feet and you are a short distance from the hole.

Above the Pin

The pin is over a hundred yards, downhill from where your ball is setting.

Uneven Lies

You have difficulty hitting from uneven lies.