Category: Difficult Lie

Tight Lie

The ball is resting on very short grass or mostly dirt.

Downhill Hazard

You are shooting short shot, downhill to the green but there is water or a bunker between your ball and the green.

Greenside Divot

The ball landed in a divot that is 20 yards or closer to the pin.

Sole It Correctly

You set up to the ball correctly on sidehill lies but you still hit off of the toe or heel of the club.

Bermuda Grass

You are getting ready to play on a different course that uses Bermuda grass.

Deep Divot

Your ball landed in a deep divot.

Loft on Slopes

You do not know which club to use on sloping lie and you still have a long shot to the pin.

Downhill Hybrid Shot

You have a downhill lie and need to hit a long distance onto an uphill green.

Downhill Chip

You have a downhill shot and want to chip the ball onto the green.

Pine Needles

Your ball landed in pine needles.