Category: Difficult Lie

In the Mud

Your ball landed in the mud and you need to learn how to lift it out.


You have a water hazard in front of you with tree limbs that are preventing a good hit over the water, onto the green.

The Woods

Your ball landed in the woods. To make matters worse, you noticed that the ball is surrounded by the roots of a tree.

Plugged Lie

Your ball is plugged into the sand so that it is half buried or more.

Against a Stick

Your ball is lying against a branch, stick, twig or other obstruction in the fairway and you cannot afford an unplayable lie penalty.

Edge of the Fairway

You have a short distance to the green but ball is lying on a ridge of grass between the fairway and rough.

Downhill Sidehill Chip

You need to chip over the rough while facing a sidehill, downhill shot about 40 feet away from the pin.

The Big Cut

You could use a slight fade but ball is sitting down in the grass and you are still over 200 yards away from the pin.

Hilly Lie

Your ball has landed on a hill and you need to learn how to play it.

Long Divot Shot

Your ball landed in a divot in the middle of the fairway. You overshoot your target because you tried to dig the ball out of the divot or selected the incorrect club for the shot.