Category: Difficult Lie

In Greenside Water

Your ball is partially submerged in water near the green.

Depression in the Fairway

Your ball is sitting in a depression and you have about 140 yards before you reach the green.

The Steep Uphill Shot

Your ball landed in a grassy bank about ten yards away from the pin. However, you now have a steep uphill shot to get it up onto the green.

The Sand Wedge Pitch

You face a downhill lie about 60 yards from the flag.

The Restricted Swing

Your backswing or follow through is restricted due to trees, bushes, or other obstacles.

Divot Shot Near the Green

You need to hit the ball out of a divot that is only a short distance from the green.

Hit Out of a Divot

Your ball landed in a divot and you end up skulling it. When you scoop the ball, you make contact with the leading edge of the club, causing it to skull the ball.

The Windy Downhill Sand Shot

It is windy out and you find your ball on a downhill slope in the sand.

Impenetrable Hardpan Lie

Your ball lands on cement, asphalt, or gravel but is still considered to be inbounds.

Lip of the Bunker

The ball is sitting in the front lip of the sand trap.