Category: Difficult Lie

The Buried Lie

You have a buried or plugged ball in the sand trap.

Texas Wedge

It is too windy to risk chipping onto the green. You might be afraid the ball will roll too much away from the hole because the grass is cut too short, the ground is firm, and dry.

Soggy Soil

You cannot hit the club down on the ball because the ground is too wet.

How to Hit a Ball While on Your Knees

You need to hit under trees or other obstacles and you do not want to take a penalty for an unplayable lie.

Nip Chip off the Sand

You are playing from wet sand, thirty to forty yards away from the hole from a sand bunker with a flat or low lip.

A Downhill Trap Shot

You have a downhill lie in a sand bunker. The ball is on a slope in the sand and you stand with your leading foot down slope.

Shoot the Ball Out of the Water

The ball is sitting in shallow water and you cannot afford adding on a stroke due to an unplayable lie.

Hit From a Powderly Lie

Your ball is in or surrounded by pine needles, twigs, leaves, or dirt. Remember, you cannot move the ball without taking a penalty. If you remove anything from under the ball and it moves, you need to replace the ball and add a on a stroke before even taking the shot.

Hit Over a Water Hazard

You need to hit over a water hazard. Most mistakes occur here because you do not take enough club. Players are afraid of over shooting and getting in trouble but you will have even bigger problems if you do not take a long enough club.

The Ball Is Below Your Feet

Getting a fade, slice, or duffing because the toe of your club touches the ground first and opens the face of the club.