Category: Difficult Lie

The Ball Is Above Your Feet

Getting a draw, hook, or duffing the ball when it is lying above your feet because this makes the ball actually closer to your club than it would be if you were on a flat surface. The heel of the club touches the ground first and closes the face of the club.

Tall Grass is Rough

The tall grass is wrapped around your ball or is sitting in the rough.

Hardpan Lie

You need to pick the ball up cleanly off of the surface of the hardpan.

Sidehill Lies Require an Upright Swing

Standing up as you swing because your sense of balance tries to keep you from falling down the slope or swinging too flat and hitting the ground before you make contact with the ball.

What to Use From the Fringe

Unable to determine how to play your ball when in the fringe.

Greenside Pitches

Difficulty deciding how to play based on the specific conditions of each shot.

How to Play a Dogleg

Doglegs forcing you to play safety shots.

South Paw Swing for an Unplayable Lie

Trees, bushes, or other obstacles that can prevent you from addressing the ball. This is great if you would rather get the ball out and a little further away than you would if you had to take an unplayable lie.

Texas Turn Down

You need to bounce the ball to the green when a bushes or trees are obstructing the lob shot or if a bump and run would leave the ball in the long rough. The Texas Turn Down can land the ball short of the green with enough over spin to bounce forward and run close to the pin.

Chipping on a Downhill Side of the Green

You are worried about getting a strong downhill roll.