Category: Driver

Even V

It is ideal to have the V shapes that you form with your thumb and forefinger on both hands to point at your trailing shoulder. However, gripping the club with your hands at this position does not feel natural to you or you are not able to hinge your wrists very well.

Shallow Drag

You need extra yardage when driving.

Too Aggressive

You are an aggressive swinger and see too much loft.

Snap Hooking

You hook the ball and it rolls more than it flies.

Locked Upper Body

You make poor contact because your hands, arms, and body do not swing together or you try to swing too fast.

Back for Distance

You want to hit the ball further off of the tee box.

Fishing Pole Drill

You need to work on your timing and rhythm.

Prevent Swaying

Swaying or sliding during your backswing and want longer drives.

The Pause

You do not have any pause at the top of your swing. This causes you to have an unsynchronized downswing so that your arms flail around or ahead of your body.

Pop Up

The ball pops straight up into the air and only flies a few feet on your tee shot.