Category: Driver


You want to increase the power and velocity of your swing.

Head Back

You are more successful with your irons than when using your woods. This is because when you use the irons, you use a more descending blow but when you are using your woods with this same swing style, you lose all of your power and speed into the ground.

Tension Release

You have difficulty relaxing your arms and body before teeing off.

Reverse Pivot

You lose distance because you allowed your back shoulder to drop into a reverse pivot.

The Chicken Wing

Your ball hooked to the left side of the fairway due to a closed clubface at contact. You might have noticed that your forward arm formed into a chicken winged shape.

Teeing the Ball Too Low

You are slicing, topping the ball or hitting it thin because you teed the ball too low towards the ground.

Draw Your Tee Shot

You need to draw the ball in order for it to land on the fairway. When you draw the ball, it should start to fly towards the right of the target line then curves left.

Speed 101

In an effort to gain a more powerful swing and subsequently more distance, you try to swing too hard with your upper body, causing a breakdown in mechanics and proper sequencing during your downswing; leading to a decrease of power and speed.

Shaft Flex Causes Hooking

You hook the ball almost every time you use your driver. The clubhead is whipping towards the ball too quickly before your hands can follow and your bodyweight can shift onto your forward foot. This closes the clubface too much, thus causing a hook.

Powerful Backswing Coil

You wish to improve your ball striking ability and driving distance by learning how to coil properly.