Category: Driver

How to Play a Dogleg

Doglegs forcing you to play safety shots.

Hitting the High Draw

Need to avoid obstacles in the fairway or make it around a dogleg with a powerful shot.

Slicing Due to a Poor Setup

Addressing the ball with your shoulders aligned too far to the left will cause you to slice. Many people make the mistake of lifting their left heel during the backswing, which is one of the most common causes of a slice.

Hit a Power Fade

You need a fade without hooking or drawing the ball.

How to Get a Draw and a Fade

Needing a draw or a fade to make it around doglegs or other obstacles.

Brace For More Power

Slicing, hitting fat, or topping.

Prevent Tilts and Sways in Your Swing

Many people sway or tilt during their swing because they are not turning at the hips correctly. This will cause you to over swing your arms, prevent a proper weight shift, and take the club off of its swinging path.

Find a Sweet Spot for Sweet Shots

Hitting off of the toe or heel of the club face causing hooking, slicing, or poor distance. Teeing the ball up to high can cause you to make contact too low on the clubface.

All in the Hips

Slouching or bending from the waist, not the hips. This will cause a poor rotation so you will lose distance and power.

Gain Five to Ten Yards

You need to hit the ball a few yards further.