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Wearing Bifocals Can Harm Your Swing

Wearing bifocal or trifocal glasses can offset your balance and swing. This often happens because you are trying to see below the bifocal or trifocal lenses in order to look at the ball. This will cause you to lower your chin and offset your balance.

Tug of War Driving

Need to create leverage and power in your swing.

Create Compression and Spin Like the Pros

You need to learn how to build up compression and spin.

Waggle Correctly or Not at All

Waggling can leave the club too far inside if not done correctly. Remember, if you wait any longer than 8 seconds of addressing the ball, whatever picture you formed in your mind begins to fade.

Keep Your Right Pocket Empty

Keeping extra balls or a pocket watch in your right pocket, cell phone clipped on your right side, or other objects that will interfere with your right arm through your hitting area.