Category: Driver

Free Flowing Swing

You have the correct setup, positioning, swing path, and contact along with tons of practice, yet your game is still not what it should be.

Staying On the Fairway

It is important that the ball lands in the fairway with your next tee shot.

Free the Clubhead

You have difficulty drawing the ball.

Fly Away Elbow

You are a recreational golfer with a pull slice during long swings and it is not from over swinging.

The Hang Back

You want to hit more powerful drives.

Extra Knee Flex

You need to create leverage for a more powerful swing.

Index Finger Drill

You want to improve your accuracy and consistency.

Over the Top Slice

You only have an over the top slice when you try to make a powerful drive.

Impact on the Clubface

You want more clubhead speed and distance.

Keep It Simple

You are caught up thinking about tons of details about your golf swing that you are no longer getting the distances you need from your drives.