Category: Driver

Increase Your Power

You are wondering if you should practice with a weighted club to increase your power.

Slicing Checklist

You are slicing the ball.

All Arms

You feel like your drives are powered too much by your arms.

Head Up

You cannot seem to get a good coil and keep your head down at the same time.

Apply Pressure

You want more yardage and need to improve on accuracy.

Swaying Knee

Your forward knee moves a lot during your backswing during longer swings.

Better Rhythm

You need an easy way to establish a more natural rhythm and feel to your distance swings.

Hit Impulse

You often try to hit the ball as hard as you can and have a horrible tee shot because of it.

Swing Plane Drill

You slice your drives due to an over the top swing.

Right Ball Flight

The ball keeps flying to the right of your target line.