Category: Driver

Erratic Golf Swing

Your takeaway is too quick, causing your swing to become a little erratic at the top.

Be Angry

You want longer drives; however it is hard for you to take a faster forward swing than your backswing.

Lag Angle

You want more distance without having to take a long backswing.

Point Your Thumb

Based on your great turn and speed, you know you should have longer drives but cannot pinpoint the problem.

On One Leg

You lack a good release and you often fail to feel any weight shift during your swing.

Buckle Drill

You want to make longer drives.

New Driver

You need more distance off of the teebox.

Off the Deck

You are playing a par 5 and your drive did not go very far.

Tension Pusher

You tend to push your drives when you are under a lot of pressure.

The Lifter

You tend to keep the club low and lift it up to the top with excessive wrist movement.