Category: Driver

Way Outside

You have an over the top swing that is too far outside of the target line.

Statue of Liberty

You want more power and notice your swing is rather flat or your arms remain fairly parallel to the ground.

Longer Waggle

You tend to flip the club with your hands and want longer drives.

More Wrist Hinge

You feel like you are coming in and over the top or the clubhead travels to the ball too much from the inside.

Jump Rope Drill

You want more speed.

Turn the Knee

You are sliding too much of your bodyweight towards the target or are leaning towards it as you approach the ball.

See Your Hands

Your friends call you an army golfer because you swing hard and the ball tends to fly off to the left and right of the target.

Extend Through It

You want to gain extra distance off of your tee shots.

Pen Drill

Your swing feels tight or restricted and you are not getting the distance you want off of the tee box.

Over Rotating

You hook your drives.