Category: Fairway

Wet Flyers

The grass is wet and you keep overshooting your target.

Leverage for Compression

You feel like there is something simple that is preventing you from creating golf ball compression.

Fairway Cut

You want to hit your fairway woods so that the ball has a soft landing on the green.

Skip It Low

It is a little windy out and you are in between chipping and pitching yardages.

Poor Wedge Play

Your putting and long game are great but you seem to gain the most number of strokes around the green.

Point Your Elbow

You need to improve on your pitch shots.

Point Your Chin

You have a hard time getting enough loft, distance, and accuracy out of your long clubs.

Sliding Hips

Your hips keep moving sideways during full swings.

Up and Down Slopes

The ball landed on a slope in the fairway, leaving you with either an uphill or a downhill lie.

Aim With a Sticker

You are having difficulty controlling your yardages and accuracy with your short irons.