Category: Fairway

Flying Too Low

The ball keeps flying much lower than you would expect it to.

Between Two Clubs

You cannot decide between two clubs.

Add Spin

You are near the green and want to add a lot of spin on the ball.

Half Shot

You pull the shot every time you are between clubs and you try to make a half swing.

Professional Wrist

You are a duffer and need to improve hitting your middle to shorter iron shots.

Tight Grip

The clubface closes early in your swing.

Trying to Lift

You always try to lift the ball up, into the air. This even happens with the driver.

Lower Body Support

You make a full weight shift or have leg movement during your short game.

Chunked Pitch

You hit the ball with the leading edge of the club or dig large divots that start before the ball and the ball barely moves when you use your wedges.

Above the Pin

The pin is over a hundred yards, downhill from where your ball is setting.