Category: Fairway

Deep Pitches

You notice that you have really deep divots after taking a pitch shot.

Grip Position

Hooking, pulling, or slicing due to poor hand position.

Stiff Grass

The ball is sitting in stiff, dry grass.

Two Clubs

You need to improve controlling the ball and gain better touch and feel for your swing.

Short Shot Above

You are close to the green and the ball is above your feet.

No Tees

You are preparing to play a course with longer fairways than you are used to playing.

Drag It

Your swing is too steep and this causes you to lose distance.

Uphill or Downhill Putt

You wonder where you should hit the ball onto the green.

Cut Shot

You need a slight fade to help avoid obstacles or greenside hazards and are still about 150 yards away from the pin.

One Handed Chip

You have difficulty chipping and the ball flies left or right of the target.