Category: Fairway

Shanking Drill

You contact the ball with the neck of the club or shank the ball when using your irons.

Wedge Catch

You lose power when pitching due to excessive hinging of the wrists. This causes your swinging arc to become too narrow.

Flop Chip

You are usually unsuccessful at chipping due to excessive wrist movements.

Short Pitch and Run

You are not comfortable pitching the ball onto a green with a low fringe from about 40 yards away.

Long Pitch and Run

The green is wet or it is windy and you are 80 yards or less from the pin.

Too Low

You lose distance and control because your takeaway is too low to the ground or you are trying too hard to create power.

The Three Wood Chip

The ball landed against the fringe. Using a pitching wedge usually leaves you with an uncontrollable ball flight due to using too steep of a swing or you come up too short because of decelerating your swing at contact.

Against a Stick

Your ball is lying against a branch, stick, twig or other obstruction in the fairway and you cannot afford an unplayable lie penalty.

Edge of the Fairway

You have a short distance to the green but ball is lying on a ridge of grass between the fairway and rough.

Long Shot Drill

You have difficulty hitting full shots.