Category: Fairway

The Low Runner

Needing a low and dependable shot with irons during high wind or you need to shoot under an obstacle on the course.

Hit Out of a Divot

Your ball landed in a divot and you end up skulling it. When you scoop the ball, you make contact with the leading edge of the club, causing it to skull the ball.

Fix Your Push or Pull

The ball pushes to the right or pulls to the left when using your irons.

High Draw

You need a draw but at the same time you require increased loft.

High Fade

You need a high flying left to right shot that lands softly.

The Hybrid Loft Conversion Guide

You would like to replace some of your traditional clubs with hybrid utility clubs, but are not sure where to begin.

The Ball Is Below Your Feet

Getting a fade, slice, or duffing because the toe of your club touches the ground first and opens the face of the club.

The Ball Is Above Your Feet

Getting a draw, hook, or duffing the ball when it is lying above your feet because this makes the ball actually closer to your club than it would be if you were on a flat surface. The heel of the club touches the ground first and closes the face of the club.

Gradually Accelerate for a Better Swing

Swinging too hard will cause a bad transition from the top of your swing and will lead to poor timing and inconsistency.

Hitting Harder at Impact

Straightening your arms too quickly and reducing the power of your swing.