Category: Fairway

Hitting From a Divot for Low Trajectory

Clubface opens at impact or needing a low trajectory.

Spin Your Wedge Shots

Needing maximum amount of spin with a lot of loft.


Needing compression for better ball flight in both distance and direction.

How to Play a Dogleg

Doglegs forcing you to play safety shots.

Hitting the High Draw

Need to avoid obstacles in the fairway or make it around a dogleg with a powerful shot.

Texas Turn Down

You need to bounce the ball to the green when a bushes or trees are obstructing the lob shot or if a bump and run would leave the ball in the long rough. The Texas Turn Down can land the ball short of the green with enough over spin to bounce forward and run close to the pin.

How Hit a Two Iron

Trying to hit the two iron too hard resulting in poor contact. Some people also try to bend too much at the waist, causing a flatter swing arc and low ball flight.

How to Use Your Fairway Woods on Par 5s

You feel like you are picking the club up in your backswing when hitting a fairway wood and then hitting down on the ball during impact.

How to Create Spin on Iron Shots

It is very likely that you are flicking wrists or your left wrist is bent at impact.

Long and High Shots with a Soft Landing

Topping the ball with wedges or you need your lob shot to fly high with a soft landing near the hole. When your grip is too strong, it will release the clubface and make the ball skid at impact.