Category: Fitness

Improve Your Wedge Shots

You are looking for a golf drill to help you with your wedge shots.

All Arms

You feel like your drives are powered too much by your arms.

Feel Taller

You slouch a lot during your round of golf.

Rotator Cuff stretch

You have injured your rotator cuff in the past and want to stretch it before playing a round of golf.

Upper Back

Your upper back muscles are too tense.

Towel Stretch

You are looking for a way to stretch your arms, sides, and shoulders before teeing off.

Tight Back

Your lower back feels stiff or you feel pain when you first start playing a round.

Spiderman Pushups

You do not have a lot of time to exercise but you want to stay in shape for playing golf.

Resistance Exercise

Your lower body cannot support a full and powerful golf swing.

Easy Abs

You want an easy way to work on improving your abdominal muscles and sense of balance.