Category: Fitness

Golf Ball Massage

You get charley horse in your feet or muscle cramping of a foot after a round of golf.

Even It Out

You do daily exercises but you feel that you are missing something or the distance you desire.

Shoulder Pain

You experience shoulder pain the day after a round of golf.

Tight Core

You need more distance and are out of shape.

Range of Motion Exercises

You are not as flexible as you used to be and want to improve the position of the top of your backswing and ability to follow through.

Twisted Lunge

You want a more powerful swing.

Take the Stairs

You get exhausted before you finish your round and want a more powerful swing.


You want to improve your driving distance.

Bed Exercise

You do not have time go to the gym yet you need to improve your drives.


You are exhausted every time you play a round of golf.