Category: Fitness

Lower Back Pain

Your lower back hurts after a round of golf.

Hip Strength

You need a more powerful swing or sway due to limited turning ability.

Stiff Neck

Your neck feels stiff or sore the day after playing a round.

Forearm Tightness

Your game suffers because of excess tension in the lower part of your arms.

Poor Turn

You need to work on making a fuller backswing for more powerful drives but you do not have a lot of time outside of work to practice.

Wrist Exercise

You need to increase the strength in your lead arm and would like to improve your backswing at the same time.

Squat Thrusts

You need an exercise that will increase your heart rate while strengthening your legs and arms at the same time, giving you a more powerful swing.

Back and Legs

You need an exercise that will strengthen your legs, stomach, and back at the same time so you can keep your power muscles toned.

Strong Legs

You need more power and have weak leg muscles.


Your back normally aches after playing a round of golf.