Category: Fitness

Lead Arm Exercise

You need to improve the strength in your forward arm or want to keep it warmed up during the off season.

Broom Drill

You need to improve your release or ability to square the clubface at impact. You also want to find a way to strengthen the muscles you need for a powerful swing.

Shoulder Blade Stretches

You need to increase your range of motion during your backswing and follow through.

Windmill Warm Up

You need a quick way to warm up your muscles before teeing off.

Wall Walk

You need a greater range of motion to help improve your turning ability while playing golf.

Pushups for Golf

You need to find an exercise that will help you gain a more powerful golf swing.

Golf Exercises

You shift too much or sway instead of turn during your backswing due to poor abdominal muscle strength. This causes your upper body to move past your back leg, preventing the proper upper body rotation needed for a powerful swing.

On the Go Stretches

You do not have time to stretch and prepare for your round of golf.

Replace Your Tilt with a Turn

Tilting your shoulders down in attempt to keep your head still. This results in limited turn and distance, an improper weight shift, and picking the club up for an irregular swing. You are more likely to favor your short irons because this problem occurs most when you are using your woods…