Category: Fringe

Scooping the Ball

You are scooping the golf ball with your irons.

Bounce To the Flag

You have a firm lie near the green.

Skip It Low

It is a little windy out and you are in between chipping and pitching yardages.

Against the Frog Hair

The ball landed on the short fringe against the frog hair.

Bow Legged Golf Swing

You are unintentionally decelerating your swing with short irons and wedges.

Chitch It

You are near the green with a good lie. You are looking for a shot with plenty of roll on a long green.

Need Backspin

You have a hard time getting loft and backspin you need near the green.

Short Game Attitude

You cannot seem to chip and putt as well as you used to. Now you dread getting near the green.

Generate Spin

You are a short distance from the hole and you want to create spin.

Mini Pitch

You are near the green and want the ball to roll like a putt.