Category: Fringe

Dragging Wedge Shot

You have a slight uphill lie with only a small area on the green that will be safe to land the ball at. Luckily, the grass is cut low where your ball is sitting.

Blade Your Wedge

It is windy and your ball landed in the rough near the fringe.

Hilly Green

The ball landed off of the edge of a slightly elevated green. The putting green has many hills and valleys between the ball and the pin.

Fringe Divot

The ball landed in a divot around the green.

Against the Fringe

The ball is sitting on the outer edge of the fringe, against the rough. The clubhead will have to move through the rough before you make contact with the ball.

Running Low

You have a hard time keeping the ball low while hitting a chip and run.

Soft Flop

The ball is sitting against the outer edge of the fringe, so the clubface will move through taller grass than what the ball is sitting on.

Pitch and Stop

The pin is towards the back of the green with a steep slope behind it.

Chili Dipping

You hit the ball fat or hit the ground instead of the ball when trying to chip the ball up onto the green.

Cock and Pop

You have a poor, downhill lie about ten feet away from the pin.