Category: Fringe

Firm Wrists

You top the ball, hit it thin or fat when chipping due to an excessive wrist action. You might even notice the back of your forward hand collapse during impact.

Downhill Sidehill Chip

You need to chip over the rough while facing a sidehill, downhill shot about 40 feet away from the pin.

Lobbing With Too Much Wrist Cock

You lose distance and make large divots because you are cocking your wrists too much when using your lob wedge.

Learn to Control Backspin on Approach

You need a lot of spin to help the ball land on a narrow green or a sharply inclined green. You might need just the opposite, less spin with extra roll because you are unable or it is unsafe to aim at the pin directly.

Texas Wedge

It is too windy to risk chipping onto the green. You might be afraid the ball will roll too much away from the hole because the grass is cut too short, the ground is firm, and dry.

Line Drive Pitch or Chip

A skulled chip or pitch due to hitting the ball on the bottom of the club instead of the clubface. The clubface makes contact below the equator on the ball and causes a low line drive. Anxiety will cause you to want to look up too soon and cause poor contact with the ball.

Chip with Your Hybrid

Poor chipping and iron play from just off the green.

What to Use From the Fringe

Unable to determine how to play your ball when in the fringe.

Spin Your Wedge Shots

Needing maximum amount of spin with a lot of loft.

Stop Flubbing Your Wedges

Wedge shots that fly short and unpredictably.