Category: Fringe

Greenside Pitches

Difficulty deciding how to play based on the specific conditions of each shot.

Short Tweener Shot

You have only a short distance to reach the hole and are playing in very strong crosswinds. Although a bump and run would keep the ball low, you need a shot with less roll on the green.

Texas Turn Down

You need to bounce the ball to the green when a bushes or trees are obstructing the lob shot or if a bump and run would leave the ball in the long rough. The Texas Turn Down can land the ball short of the green with enough over spin to bounce forward and run close to the pin.

Chipping on a Downhill Side of the Green

You are worried about getting a strong downhill roll.

Common Chipping Mistakes

Restricting your swing while chipping, not enough loft, or easing into the ball.

How to Hit a Wedge Shot 40 Yards

The range of error for a forty yard wedge shot is huge because you can finish your shot between thirty five yards short of the target or sixty yards past it.