Category: Fundamentals

Speed 101

In an effort to gain a more powerful swing and subsequently more distance, you try to swing too hard with your upper body, causing a breakdown in mechanics and proper sequencing during your downswing; leading to a decrease of power and speed.

Poor Tempo

You do not have a smooth swing due pausing too long at the top of your backswing. This causes you to pull the club down hard to in an attempt to make up for the deceleration in your swing. You will likely hit the ball fat or have other undesirable results.

Why Posture is So Important

You suffer from inconsistency problems due to poor posture. For instance, if you bend over too much, it will cause you to hit the ball fat. If you stand too straight, you are likely to shank the ball or hit it thin.

Foot Angle

You are uncertain how you should angle your feet or find that you are losing power or swaying due to angling your feet incorrectly.

The Correct Side of the Tee Box

You know where you want the ball to go on the course but are unsure where to tee up.

Posture Checkup

You need to learn a quick and easy way to check your posture or you want to try to correct a flaw in your swing with no known cause.

Proper Footing

It is the start of a new season and you cannot remember your proper foot placement or need to learn.

The Preshot Routine

You need to learn how to or improve your pre-shot routine.

Play a Round at the Range

You see little improvement after spending hours at the driving range.

The Grip Pressure Test

A grip that is too strong or weak will influence the consistency and direction of your shots.