Category: Fundamentals

Grips for the Yips

You are unable to make smooth putting strokes during short putts due to jerking or pushing the putter. Sometimes you might even notice a tingling sensation or are unable to stay still when standing over the ball.

Angle Your Feet for More Control

Decreased flexibility can prevent proper hip rotation and therefore power, causing you to sway during your backswing. This is a very common problem for senior golfers because their muscles tighten as they age, inhibiting a proper turn for a full swing.

Putting Distance

You focus too much on aim and not enough on proper pace and distance. This will most result in the common 3 putt.

Solid Contact Starts With a Forward Tilt

Slouching or ignoring proper posture at address causing you to move your body up and down, lose balance, distance, and take the club off the proper swing path. If your body is slouching or tipped to far forward, it will cause an open clubface for the ball to be pushed towards the right. …

Long Putts

You miss-hit, use too much wrist action, or do not take enough backstroke on long putts.

Bounce Angle for Wedges

Unsure if you need a high, mid, or low bounce or how bounce affects your game.

How to Initiate Your Backswing

Unable to gain momentum due to a poor path, plane, and tempo. If you focus too much on turning your torso without any wrist cock, it will cause you to swing outside of the target line. This can result in a push, pull, or even a snap hook. A very common problem results from not bringing…

Improve Your Downswing

The ball skips or hits the ground when teeing off before it rises into the air. Very often, this is because the person favors their irons, where they are used to making more of a downward blow at impact.

Aim and Body Alignment

Poor aim or just need a refresher on how it is done.

Gradually Accelerate for a Better Swing

Swinging too hard will cause a bad transition from the top of your swing and will lead to poor timing and inconsistency.