Category: Fundamentals

Barefoot Drill

Poor balance due to swinging too hard.

Slicing Due to a Poor Setup

Addressing the ball with your shoulders aligned too far to the left will cause you to slice. Many people make the mistake of lifting their left heel during the backswing, which is one of the most common causes of a slice.

Consistent Ball Striking

Straightening out your hips during the backswing or a having a poor tempo can cause poor and inconsistent contact with the ball.

A Three Dimensional Swing for Better Contact

Failure to make proper contact with the ball due to a poor swing; causing you to hook, slice, top, or duff. You fail to make solid contact if you move your right elbow up and down because you don?t get the depth you need to make a full backswing turn.

Find the Correct Balance and Ball Placement

Trouble finding the correct distance between you and the golf ball.

A Proper Set Up for a Solid Swing

Trying to hit at the ball will cause you to lead your swing with your hands instead of your body or stopping the swing at impact. Your palm might be facing up during the backswing, causing poor contact and unpredictable ball flight.

Waggle Correctly or Not at All

Waggling can leave the club too far inside if not done correctly. Remember, if you wait any longer than 8 seconds of addressing the ball, whatever picture you formed in your mind begins to fade.