Category: Fundamentals

The Cross Handed Grip

You were told to use the cross handed grip to help eliminate your yips but you do not know what it is.

Golf Vacation

You are going to play a lot of golf on your next vacation and are worried that it will feel more like work than it is fun.

Why Hit Down

You do not understand why you need to hit down on the ball with your irons.

Golf Ball Compression

You find yourself wondering, what does golf ball compression mean? How should you find the right compression for your swing?

Happy Mothers Day

You want to improve your golfing skills.

Setup Concerns

You worry if your arms, shoulders, and hands are positioned correctly at setup.

Waggle or Not

You are wondering if you should waggle the club before taking your normal swing.

A Lighter Grip

You want to improve on distance and accuracy.

Waste Bunkers

You are playing on a new golf course with waste bunkers and do not know what they are.

Around the Green Strategy

You are having a hard time making shots around the green.