Category: Fundamentals

Wall Posture Test

You are losing distance off of the teebox and want to test check to see if your posture is at fault.

Penny Grip

You want to make sure you are maintaining a good grip pressure throughout the entire swing.

Fall Line

You do not know the definition of a fall-line or how to find it on a putting green.

Less Spin

You need to learn how to reduce the spin on the ball while hitting short wedge shots.

Distance Using Trees

You use the trees on the course to help you decide the yardage. However, sometimes you are way off in this estimate.

Tipping Over

You keep feeling as if you are going to tip over as you swing.

Set Up Illusion

You want to know the difference in distance that your hands should be from your body at address at setup with each club.

Ninety Degree Rule

You no longer hit with the same amount of power you are used to getting.

Strong Versus Weak Grip

You find yourself asking what is a neutral grip? How can I take a strong or a weak golf grip?

More or Less Bounce

You are unsure of how much bounce to use in difficult situations.